important information

  • Organizer

    ASKÖ Kickboxen Hütter

  • Technical Delegate

    Beatrix Hütter

  • Exclusion of Liability

    You participate at your own risk. The organizer does not accept any liability whatsoever. The liability of ÖBFK, their functionaries, referees or any other assistants is restricted to grossly negligent or intentionally caused damage.

  • Entry fee

    Entry fee per competitor: € 20,00. Each additional discipline/weight class € 15,00.

  • Date

    May 11, 2019

  • Place of event

    Sports and gym hall “BLUEBOX”,
    Kadettengasse 19,
    8041 Graz

  • Rules and Regulations

    The KBH Masters is run under the rules and regulations of ÖBFK and WAKO.

  • Disciplines

    Pointfighting, Lightcontact, Green Belt, Veterans and Grand Champion

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